42 CFR § 431.701 - Definitions.

§ 431.701 Definitions.

Unless otherwise indicated, the following definitions apply for purposes of this subpart:

Agency means the State agency responsible for licensing individual practitioners under the State's healing arts licensing act.

Board means an appointed State board established to carry out a State program for licensing administrators of nursing homes, in a State that does not have a healing arts licensing act or an agency as defined in this section.

Licensed means certified by a State agency or board as meeting all of the requirements for a licensed nursing home administrator specified in this subpart.

Nursing home means any institution, facility, or distinct part of a hospital that is licensed or formally recognized as meeting nursing home standards established under State law, or that is determined under § 431.704 to be included under the requirements of this subpart. The term does not include—

(a) A religious nonmedical institution as defined in § 440.170(b) of this chapter; or

(b) A distinct part of a hospital, if the hospital meets the definition in § 440.10 or § 440.140 of this subchapter, and the distinct part is not licensed separately or formally approved as a nursing home by the State even though it is designated or certified as a skilled nursing facility.

Nursing home administrator means any person who is in charge of the general administration of a nursing home whether or not the person—

(a) Has an ownership interest in the home; or

(b) Shares his functions and duties with one or more other persons.

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