42 CFR § 433.136 - Definitions.

§ 433.136 Definitions.

For purposes of this subpart -

Private insurer means:

(1) Any commercial insurance company offering health or casualty insurance to individuals or groups (including both experience-rated insurance contracts and indemnity contracts);

(2) Any profit or nonprofit prepaid plan offering either medical services or full or partial payment for services included in the State plan; and

(3) Any organization administering health or casualty insurance plans for professional associations, unions, fraternal groups, employer-employee benefit plans, and any similar organization offering these payments or services, including self-insured and self-funded plans.

Third party means any individual, entity or program that is or may be liable to pay all or part of the expenditures for medical assistance furnished under a State plan.

Title IV-D agency means the organizational unit in the State that has the responsibility for administering or supervising the administration of a State plan for child support enforcement under title IV-D of the Act.

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