42 CFR § 435.120 - Individuals receiving SSI.

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§ 435.120 Individuals receiving SSI.

Except as allowed under § 435.121, the agency must provide Medicaid to aged, blind, and disabled individuals or couples who are receiving or are deemed to be receiving SSI. This includes individuals who are—

(a) Receiving SSI pending a final determination of blindness or disability;

(b) Receiving SSI under an agreement with the Social Security Administration to dispose of resources that exceed the SSI dollar limits on resources; or

(c) Receiving benefits under section 1619(a) of the Act or in section 1619(b) status (blind individuals or those with disabling impairments whose income equals or exceeds a specific Supplemental Security Income limit). (Regulations at 20 CFR 416.260 through 416.269 contain requirements governing determinations of eligibility under this provision.) For purposes of this paragraph (c), this mandatory categorically needy group of individuals includes those qualified severely impaired individuals defined in section 1905(q) of the Act.

[55 FR 33705, Aug. 17, 1990]