42 CFR § 456.111 - Beneficiary information required for UR.

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§ 456.111 Beneficiary information required for UR.

The UR plan must provide that each beneficiary's record includes information needed for the UR committee to perform UR required under this subpart. This information must include, at least, the following:

(a) Identification of the beneficiary.

(b) The name of the beneficiary's physician.

(c) Date of admission, and dates of application for and authorization of Medicaid benefits if application is made after admission.

(d) The plan of care required under § 456.70.

(e) Initial and subsequent continued stay review dates described under §§ 456.128 and 456.133.

(f) Date of operating room reservation, if applicable.

(g) Justification of emergency admission, if applicable.

(h) Reasons and plan for continued stay, if the attending physician believes continued stay is necessary.

(i) Other supporting material that the committee believes appropriate to be included in the record.