42 CFR § 485.715 - Condition of participation: Speech pathology services.

§ 485.715 Condition of participation: Speech pathology services.

If speech pathology services are offered, the organization provides an adequate program of speech pathology and has an adequate number of qualified personnel and the equipment necessary to carry out its program and to fulfill its objectives.

(a)Standard: Adequate program. The organization is considered to have an adequate outpatient speech pathology program if it can provide the diagnostic and treatment services to effectively treat speech disorders.

(b)Standard: Facilities and equipment. The organization has the equipment and facilities required to provide the range of services necessary in the treatment of the types of speech disorders it accepts for service.

(c)Standard: Personnel qualified to provide speech pathology services. Speech pathology services are given or supervised by a qualified speech pathologist and the number of qualified speech pathologists is adequate for the volume and diversity of speech pathology services offered. At least one qualified speech pathologist is present at all times when speech pathology services are furnished.

[41 FR 20865, May 21, 1976. Redesignated at 42 FR 52826, Sept. 30, 1977. Further redesignated and amended at 60 FR 2326, Jan. 9, 1995]