42 CFR § 485.717 - Condition of participation: Rehabilitation program.

§ 485.717 Condition of participation: Rehabilitation program.

This condition and standards apply only to a rehabilitation agency's own patients, not to patients of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), or Medicaid nursing facilities (NFs) to which the agency furnishes services. The hospital, SNF, or NF is responsible for ensuring that qualified staff furnish services for which they arrange or contract for their patients. The rehabilitation agency provides physical therapy and speech-language pathology services to all of its patients who need them.

(a)Standard: Qualification of staff. The agency's therapy services are furnished by qualified individuals as direct services and/or services provided under contract.

(b)Standard: Arrangements for services. If services are provided under contract, the contract must specify the term of the contract, the manner of termination or renewal and provide that the agency retains responsibility for the control and supervision of the services.

[73 FR 69942, Nov. 19, 2008]