42 CFR § 488.1105 - Definitions.

§ 488.1105 Definitions.

As used in this subpart -

Abbreviated standard survey means a focused survey other than a standard survey that gathers information on hospice program's compliance with specific standards or conditions of participation. An abbreviated standard survey may be based on complaints received or other indicators of specific concern.

Complaint survey means a survey that is conducted to investigate substantial allegations of noncompliance as defined in § 488.1.

Condition-level deficiency means noncompliance as described in § 488.24.

Deficiency is a violation of the Act and regulations contained in part 418, subparts C and D, of this chapter, is determined as part of a survey, and can be either standard or condition-level.

Noncompliance means any deficiency found at the condition-level or standard-level.

Standard-level deficiency means noncompliance with one or more of the standards that make up each condition of participation for hospice programs.

Standard survey means a survey conducted in which the surveyor reviews the hospice program's compliance with a select number of standards or conditions of participation or both to determine the quality of care and services furnished by a hospice program.

Substantial compliance means compliance with all condition-level requirements, as determined by CMS or the State.