42 CFR § 488.1110 - Hospice program: surveys and hotline.

§ 488.1110 Hospice program: surveys and hotline.

(a) Basic period. Each hospice program as defined in section 1861(dd) of the Act is subject to a standard survey by an appropriate State or local survey agency, or an approved accreditation agency, as determined by the Secretary, not less frequently than once every 36 months. Additionally, a survey may be conducted as frequently as necessary to -

(1) Assure the delivery of quality hospice program services by determining whether a hospice program complies with the Act and conditions of participation; and

(2) Confirm that the hospice program has corrected deficiencies that were previously cited.

(b) Complaints. A standard survey, or abbreviated standard survey-

(1) Must be conducted of a hospice program when complaints against the hospice program are reported to CMS, the State, or local agency.

(2) The State, or local agency is responsible for maintaining a toll-free hotline to collect, maintain, and continually update information on Medicare-participating hospice programs including significant deficiencies found regarding patient care, corrective actions, and remedy activity during its most recent survey, and to receive complaints and answer questions about hospice programs. The State or local agency is also responsible for maintaining a unit for investigating such complaints.