42 CFR § 493.35 - Application for a certificate of waiver.

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§ 493.35 Application for a certificate of waiver.

(a) Filing of application. Except as specified in paragraph (b) of this section, a laboratory performing only one or more waived tests listed in § 493.15 must file a separate application for each laboratory location.

(b) Exceptions.

(1) Laboratories that are not at a fixed location, that is, laboratories that move from testing site to testing site, such as mobile units providing laboratory testing, health screening fairs, or other temporary testing locations may be covered under the certificate of the designated primary site or home base, using its address.

(2) Not-for-profit or Federal, State, or local government laboratories that engage in limited (not more than a combination of 15 moderately complex or waived tests per certificate) public health testing may file a single application.

(3) Laboratories within a hospital that are located at contiguous buildings on the same campus and under common direction may file a single application or multiple applications for the laboratory sites within the same physical location or street address.

(c) Application format and contents. The application must -

(1) Be made to HHS or its designee on a form or forms prescribed by HHS;

(2) Be signed by an owner, or by an authorized representative of the laboratory who attests that the laboratory will be operated in accordance with requirements established by the Secretary under section 353 of the PHS Act; and

(3) Describe the characteristics of the laboratory operation and the examinations and other test procedures performed by the laboratory including -

(i) The name and the total number of test procedures and examinations performed annually (excluding tests the laboratory may run for quality control, quality assurance or proficiency testing purposes;

(ii) The methodologies for each laboratory test procedure or examination performed, or both; and

(iii) The qualifications (educational background, training, and experience) of the personnel directing and supervising the laboratory and performing the laboratory examinations and test procedures.

(d) Access requirements. Laboratories that perform one or more waived tests listed in § 493.15(c) and no other tests must meet the following conditions:

(1) Make records available and submit reports to HHS as HHS may reasonably require to determine compliance with this section and § 493.15(e);

(2) Agree to permit announced and unannounced inspections by HHS in accordance with subpart Q of this part under the following circumstances:

(i) When HHS has substantive reason to believe that the laboratory is being operated in a manner that constitutes an imminent and serious risk to human health.

(ii) To evaluate complaints from the public.

(iii) On a random basis to determine whether the laboratory is performing tests not listed in § 493.15.

(iv) To collect information regarding the appropriateness of waiver of tests listed in § 493.15.

(e) Denial of application. If HHS determines that the application for a certificate of waiver is to be denied, HHS will -

(1) Provide the laboratory with a written statement of the grounds on which the denial is based and an opportunity for appeal, in accordance with the procedures set forth in subpart R of this part;

(2) Notify a laboratory that has its application for a certificate of waiver denied that it cannot operate as a laboratory under the PHS Act unless the denial is overturned at the conclusion of the administrative appeals process provided by subpart R; and

(3) Notify the laboratory that it is not eligible for payment under the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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