42 CFR § 57.303 - Application by school.

§ 57.303 Application by school.

(a) Each school seeking a Federal capital contribution must submit an application at the time and in the form and manner that the Secretary may require. The application must be signed by an individual authorized to act for the applicant and to assume on behalf of the applicant the obligations imposed by the statute, the regulations of this subpart, and the terms and conditions of the award.

(b) Each application will be reviewed to determine eligibility and the reasonableness of the amount of Federal support requested. The Secretary may require the applicant to submit additional data for this purpose.

(c) An application will not be approved unless an agreement between the Secretary and the applicant school for a Federal capital contribution under section 835 of the Act is reached.

[50 FR 34434, Aug. 23, 1985, as amended at 56 FR 13771, Apr. 4, 1991; 57 FR 45735, Oct. 5, 1992]