42 CFR § 62.3 - Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship program award?

§ 62.3 Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship program award?

(a) To be eligible for a scholarship under this part an applicant must:

(1) Be accepted for enrollment, or be enrolled, as a full-time student in a school located in a State;

(2) Be pursuing a course of study or program offered by the school leading to a degree in medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, or an equivalent credential for a particular health profession;

(3) Be eligible for, or hold, an appointment as a commissioned officer in the Regular or Reserve Corps of the Service or be eligible for selection for civilian service in the National Health Service Corps;

(4) Be a National of the United States; and

(5) Submit an application to participate in the Scholarship Program together with a signed contract as described in section 751(f) of the Act.

(b) Any applicant who owes an obligation for professional practice to a State or other entity under an agreement entered into before filing an application under this part is ineligible for an award unless a written statement satisfactory to the Secretary is submitted from the State or entity that (1) there is no potential conflict in fulfilling the service obligation to the State or entity and the Scholarship Program, and that (2) the Scholarship Program service obligation will be served before the service obligation for professional practice owed to the State or entity.

(c) Any individual who receives a scholarship under the Indian Health Service Scholarship Program (section 757 of the Act) or the Scholarship Program for First-Year Students of Exceptional Financial Need (section 758 of the Act) is ineligible to participate in the Scholarship Program during the School year(s) for which the scholarships under sections 757 or 758 of the Act were awarded.

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