42 CFR § 84.21 - Fee calculation.

§ 84.21 Fee calculation.

(a) This section explains the process NIOSH uses to calculate estimates of the direct and indirect costs of services provided in the course of application processing.

(b) Upon completion of an initial administrative review of the application, NIOSH will calculate a fee estimate for each application, including the maximum cost of conducting additional tests under § 84.24, and will provide that estimate, with payment details, to the applicant. The fee estimate will be derived using the current schedules of fees published by NIOSH in Part 84. NIOSH will begin the technical evaluation once the applicant accepts the terms of the fee estimate and authorizes payment.

(c) If NIOSH determines that actual costs for application processing and related testing will exceed the fee estimate provided to the applicant, NIOSH will provide a revised fee estimate for completing the application review before exceeding the previously-authorized fees. The applicant will have the option of either withdrawing the application and paying for services already performed or authorizing payment of the revised estimate, in which case NIOSH will continue the application review and testing.

(d) If the actual cost of processing the application is less than the fee estimate NIOSH provided to the applicant, NIOSH will charge the actual cost.

(e) If the applicant withdraws an application, the applicant will be invoiced for services already performed by NIOSH. Withdrawal of an application will be effective on the first business day following the date NIOSH receives a withdrawal notice from the applicant in writing. Withdrawal notices will be submitted to NIOSH in accordance with the Standard Application Procedure using the address specified in § 84.10.