43 CFR § 2.24 - How will the bureau deny requests?

§ 2.24 How will the bureau deny requests?

(a)The bureau must notify you in writing of any denial of your request.

(b) The denial notification must include:

(1) The name and title or position of the person responsible for the denial, along with an office phone number or email address;

(2) A statement of the reasons for the denial;

(3) A reference to any FOIA exemption applied by the bureau to withhold records in full or in part, along with a statement that the bureau reasonably foresees that disclosure would harm an interest protected by the applied exemption(s) or disclosure is prohibited by law;

(4) An estimate of the volume of any records withheld in full or in part (for example, by providing the number of pages or some other reasonable form of estimation), unless the bureau notes that it does not have or could not locate responsive records or that including an estimate would harm an interest protected by an exemption used to withhold the records and the bureau explains this harm to you;

(5) The name and title of the Office of the Solicitor or Office of General Counsel attorney consulted (if the bureau is denying a fee waiver request or withholding all or part of a requested record); and

(6) A statement that the denial may be appealed under subpart H of this part and a description of the procedures in subpart H of this part.

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