43 CFR § 2.3 - Where should you send a FOIA request?

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§ 2.3 Where should you send a FOIA request?

(a) The Department does not have a central location for submitting FOIA requests and it does not maintain a central index or database of records in its possession. Instead, the Department's records are decentralized and maintained by various bureaus and offices throughout the country.

(b) To make a request for Department records, you must write directly to the bureau that you believe maintains those records by utilizing the written forms of submission listed on the Department's FOIA website, https://www.doi.gov/foia, or utilizing physical or facsimile addresses of an appropriate FOIA contact, located at http://www.doi.gov/foia/contacts.

(c) Questions about where to send a FOIA request should be directed to the bureau that manages the underlying program or to the appropriate FOIA Requester Center, as discussed in § 2.66 of this part.

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