43 CFR § 2804.20 - How does BLM determine reasonable costs for Processing Category 6 or Monitoring Category 6 applications?

§ 2804.20 How does BLM determine reasonable costs for Processing Category 6 or Monitoring Category 6 applications?

BLM will consider the factors in paragraph (a) of this section and § 2804.21 of this subpart to determine reasonable costs. Submit to the BLM field office having jurisdiction over the lands covered by your application a written analysis of those factors applicable to your project, unless you agree in writing to waive consideration of reasonable costs and elect to pay full actual costs (see § 2804.14(f) of this subpart). Submitting your analysis with the application will expedite its handling. BLM may require you to submit additional information in support of your position. While we consider your written analysis, BLM will not process your Category 6 application.

(a) FLPMA factors. If your application is for a Processing Category 6, or a Monitoring Category 6 project, the BLM State Director having jurisdiction over the lands you are applying to use will apply the following factors set forth at section 304(b) of FLPMA, 43 U.S.C. 1734(b), to determine the amount you owe. With your application, submit your analysis of how each of the following factors applies to your application:

(1) Actual costs to the Federal Government (exclusive of management overhead costs) of processing your application and of monitoring construction, operation, maintenance, and termination of a facility authorized by the right-of-way grant;

(2) Monetary value of the rights or privileges you seek;

(3) BLM's ability to process an application with maximum efficiency and minimum expense, waste, and effort;

(4) Costs incurred for the benefit of the general public interest rather than for the exclusive benefit of the applicant. That is, the costs for studies and data collection that have value to the Federal Government or the general public apart from processing the application;

(5) Any tangible improvements, such as roads, trails, and recreation facilities, which provide significant public service and are expected in connection with constructing and operating the facility;

(6) Existing agreements between the BLM and other Federal agencies for cost reimbursement associated with such application; and

(7) Other factors relevant to the reasonableness of the costs (see § 2804.21 of this subpart).

(b) Fee determination. After considering your analysis and other information, BLM will notify you in writing of what you owe. If you disagree with BLM's determination, you may appeal it under § 2801.10 of this part.

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