43 CFR § 2805.15 - What rights does the United States retain?

§ 2805.15 What rights does the United States retain?

The United States retains and may exercise any rights the grant does not expressly convey to you. These include BLM's right to:

(a) Access the lands covered by the grant at any time and enter any facility you construct on the right-of-way. BLM will give you reasonable notice before it enters any facility on the right-of-way;

(b) Require common use of your right-of-way, including facilities (see § 2805.14(b)), subsurface, and air space, and authorize use of the right-of-way for compatible uses. You may not charge for the use of the lands made subject to such additional right-of-way grants;

(c) Retain ownership of the resources of the land, including timber and vegetative or mineral materials and any other living or non-living resources. You have no right to use these resources, except as noted in § 2805.14(e) of this subpart;

(d) Determine whether or not your grant is renewable; and

(e) Change the terms and conditions of your grant as a result of changes in legislation, regulation, or as otherwise necessary to protect public health or safety or the environment.

[70 FR 21058, Apr. 22, 2005, as amended at 81 FR 92215, Dec. 19, 2016]