43 CFR § 2805.17 - When do I pay monitoring fees?

§ 2805.17 When do I pay monitoring fees?

(a) Monitoring Categories 1 through 4. Unless BLM otherwise directs, you must pay monitoring fees when you submit to BLM your written acceptance of the terms and conditions of the grant.

(b) Monitoring Category 5. You must pay monitoring fees as specified in the Master Agreement. BLM will not issue your grant until it receives the required payment.

(c) Monitoring Category 6. BLM may periodically estimate the costs of monitoring your use of the grant. BLM will include this fee in the costs associated with processing fees described at § 2804.14 of this part. If BLM has underestimated the monitoring costs, we will notify you of the shortfall. If your payments exceed the reasonable costs that Federal employees incurred for monitoring, BLM will either reimburse you the difference, or adjust the next billing to reflect the overpayment. Unless BLM gives you written authorization, you may not offset or deduct the overpayment from your payments.

(d) Monitoring Categories 1-4 and 6. If you disagree with the category BLM has determined for your grant, you may appeal the decision under § 2801.10 of this part.