43 CFR § 30.270 - How will the hearing be conducted?

§ 30.270 How will the hearing be conducted?

(a) At the hearing, each party challenging the tribe's claim to purchase the interests in question or the valuation of the interests in the valuation report will have the burden of proving his or her position.

(b) On conclusion of the hearing, the judge will issue a decision that determines all of the issues including, but not limited to:

(1) The fair market value of the interests purchased by the tribe; and

(2) Any adjustment to the fair market value made necessary by the surviving spouse's decision to reserve a life estate in one-half of the interests.

(c) The decision must include a notice stating that interested parties who are adversely affected have a right to appeal the decision to the Board within 30 days after the date on which the decision was mailed, and giving the Board's address.

(d) The judge must:

(1) Forward the complete record relating to the demand for hearing to the LTRO as provided in § 30.233;

(2) Furnish a duplicate record thereof to the agency; and

(3) Mail a notice of such action together with a copy of the decision to each interested party.