43 CFR § 3205.10 - How do I obtain a direct use lease?

§ 3205.10 How do I obtain a direct use lease?

(a) You may file an application for a direct use lease for any lands on which BLM manages the geothermal resources, on a form available from BLM. You may not sell the geothermal resource and you may not use it for the commercial generation of electricity.

(b) In your application, you must also provide information that will allow BLM to determine how much acreage is reasonably necessary for your proposed use, including:

(1) A description of all anticipated structures, facilities, wells, and pipelines including their size, location, function, and associated surface disturbance;

(2) A description of the utilization process;

(3) A description and analysis of anticipated reservoir production, injection, and characteristics to the extent required by BLM; and

(4) Any additional information or data that we may require.

(c) Submit with your application the nonrefundable processing fee for noncompetitive lease applications found in the fee schedule in § 3000.12 of this chapter for each direct use lease application.

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