43 CFR § 4.1608 - Oral presentations.

§ 4.1608 Oral presentations.

(a) Upon request of the appellant, an opportunity for an oral presentation to the appeals official shall be granted. The purpose of an oral presentation shall be to permit the appellant to discuss or explain factual evidence supporting his allegations, and/or to obtain oral explanations of pertinent evidence. The time and place of each oral presentation shall be determined by the appeals official, after consultation with the appropriate parties.

(b) The appellant may, but is not required to, be represented by legal counsel at an oral presentation.

(c) The Department Counsel and the bureau/office involved shall be invited to attend any oral presentation. The appeals official may require the attendance and participation of an official or employee of the Department, whether or not requested by the appellant, if, in the appeals official's judgment, such official or employee may possess knowledge or information pertinent to the agency decision being appealed, and if this knowledge or information is unobtainable elsewhere.

(d) An oral presentation shall not constitute a judicial proceeding, and no such judicial proceeding or hearing shall be provided for in this appeals process. There shall be no requirement for legal briefs, sworn statements, interrogation under oath, official transcripts of testimony, etc., unless the appeals official determines such are necessary for effective disposition of the appeal.

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