43 CFR § 422.2 - Definitions.

§ 422.2 Definitions.

(a) Department means the United States Department of the Interior.

(b) Reclamation means the Bureau of Reclamation of the United States Department of the Interior.

(c) Law Enforcement Program means Reclamation's program to provide law enforcement and protective services at Reclamation project facilities and on Federal project lands. The activity is directed toward the preservation of public order, safety, and protection of resources and facilities, and their occupants.

(d) Law Enforcement Administrator (LEA) means the person designated by the Commissioner of Reclamation to:

(1) Direct the law enforcement program and units;

(2) Develop the policy, procedures, and standards for the law enforcement program within Reclamation; and

(3) Provide for inspection and oversight to control enforcement activity.

(e) Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) means the highest level duly authorized law enforcement officer for a non-Department law enforcement agency.

(f) Law Enforcement Officer means:

(1) A duly authorized Federal law enforcement officer, as that term is defined in Public Law 107–69, from any non-Department Federal agency who is authorized to act as a law enforcement officer on Reclamation projects and lands; or

(2) Law enforcement personnel of any State, local government, or tribal law enforcement agency.