43 CFR 423.35 - Animals.

§ 423.35 Animals.
(a) You must not bring pets or other animals into public buildings, public transportation vehicles, or sanitary facilities. This provision does not apply to properly trained animals assisting persons with disabilities, such as seeing-eye dogs.
(b) You must not abandon any animal on Reclamation facilities, lands, or waterbodies, or harass, endanger, or attempt to collect any animal except game you are attempting to take in the course of authorized hunting, fishing, or trapping.
(c) Any unauthorized, unclaimed, or unattended animal on Reclamation lands may be:
(1) Removed in accordance with Federal law, and applicable State and local laws; and
(2) Confined at a location designated by an authorized official, who may assess a reasonable impoundment fee that must be paid before the impounded animal is released to its owner.
(d) The following animals are prohibited and are subject to removal in accordance with Federal law, and applicable State and local laws:
(1) Captive wild or exotic animals (including, but not limited to, cougars, lions, bears, bobcats, wolves, and snakes), except as allowed by a permit issued under subpart D of this part 423; and
(2) Any pets or animals displaying vicious or aggressive behavior or posing a threat to public safety or deemed a public nuisance.

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