43 CFR § 6302.20 - What is prohibited in wilderness?

§ 6302.20 What is prohibited in wilderness?

Except as specifically provided in the Wilderness Act, the individual statutes designating the particular BLM wilderness area, or the regulations of this part, and subject to valid existing rights, in BLM wilderness areas you must not:

(a) Operate a commercial enterprise;

(b) Build temporary or permanent roads;

(c) Build aircraft landing strips, heliports, or helispots;

(d) Use motorized equipment; or motor vehicles, motorboats, or other forms of mechanical transport;

(e) Land aircraft, or drop or pick up any material, supplies or person by means of aircraft, including a helicopter, hang-glider, hot air balloon, parasail, or parachute;

(f) Build, install, or erect structures or installations, including transmission lines, motels, vacation homes, sheds, stores, resorts, organization camps, hunting and fishing lodges, electronic installations, and similar structures, other than tents, tarpaulins, temporary corrals, and similar devices for overnight camping;

(g) Cut trees;

(h) Enter or use wilderness areas without authorization, where BLM requires authorization under § 6302.12;

(i) Engage or participate in competitive use as defined in section 2932.5 of this chapter, including those activities involving physical endurance of a person or animal, foot races, water craft races, survival exercises, war games, or other similar exercises;

(j) [Reserved]; or

(k) Violate any BLM regulation, authorization, or order.

[65 FR 78372, Dec. 14, 2000, as amended at 67 FR 61745, Oct. 1, 2002]