44 CFR § 209.6 - Project eligibility.

§ 209.6 Project eligibility.

(a) Eligible types of project activities. This grant authority is for projects to acquire floodprone properties and demolish or relocate structures per § 209.10(i), or to elevate floodprone structures. Approved projects must meet the following criteria and comply with all other program requirements described in this rule;

(b) Eligibility criteria. To be eligible, projects must:

(1) Be cost effective. The State will complete an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the project, in accordance with our guidance and using a methodology that we approve. We will review the State's analysis;

(2) Include only properties that:

(i) For acquisition, the owner agrees to sell voluntarily;

(ii) Are within the 100-year floodplain based on best available data or as identified by a FIRM or FEMA-approved Disaster Recovery Map;

(iii) Were made uninhabitable (as certified by an appropriate State or local official) by the effects of a declared major disaster during federal fiscal years 1999 or 2000;

(iv) For acquisition, had a pre-event fair market value of less than $300,000 just before the disaster event. Properties submitted for buyout under Pub. L. 106–113 (the original Hurricane Floyd supplemental buyout program) are exempt from this policy, with the limitation that in no case does the Federal share or offer for any such property exceed $225,000; and

(v) Served as the principal residence for the owner. For multifamily units such as condominium buildings, all units within the structure should be principal residences of the owners and not sublet.

(3) Conform with 44 CFR part 9, Floodplain Management and Protection of Wetlands, and other applicable environmental and historic preservation laws, regulations, Executive Orders, and agency policy.

(c) For acquisition projects, an owner who is not a United States citizen or qualified alien may receive current fair market value for his or her property. He or she may not receive additional amounts for pre-event fair market value.

(d) Funds available under Pub. L. 106–113 (the original Floyd supplemental appropriation) are limited to use for acquisition purposes only.

[66 FR 32669, June 15, 2001, as amended at 81 FR 56534, Aug. 22, 2016]