44 CFR § 312.4 - General.

§ 312.4 General.

(a) The Administrator, FEMA, will provide statements to States and their political subdivisions concerning Agency mission and goals, Annual Program Emphasis, and other directions, instructions, and technical guidance which together specify preparedness and response activities for both attack-related and natural disasters.

(b) States and their political subdivisions may apply to FEMA for financial assistance under the Act in a manner prescribed by Federal Regulations governing grants and cooperative agreements. Such applications must be compatible with FEMA's goals and requirements described in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Financial contributions to States and their political subdivisions are made by FEMA based on approval of the activities and projects described in the Annual Program Paper, and/or Comprehensive Cooperative Agreement, and which are in conformance with provisions of CPG 1-3, and applicable FEMA regulations set forth in chapter 1 of this title 44, chapter 1, subchapter E, of the Code of Federal Regulations. Financial contributions will not be made unless substantive activities and projects in preparation for and response to attack-related disasters are identified, and progress is indicated in the submissions, and recorded in program reporting systems. The presence of unavoidable circumstances, and the good faith effort of the applicant, will be considered if certain objectives are not met.

(d) State and local officials may use personnel, equipment, and facilities for natural disasters outside the physical boundaries of the jurisdiction and under the conditions stated within this regulation.

(e) Specific criteria relating to the preparedness and response activities are given in §§ 312.5 and 312.6 of this part.