44 CFR § 321.4 - Achieving production readiness.

§ 321.4 Achieving production readiness.

(a) In order to achieve a capability for maximum production of “urgent” items during the initial phase of war, the following readiness measures shall be taken where advisable for facilities producing such items:

(1) Establishment of emergency production schedules.

(2) Development of a production capability which would function under widespread disruption and damage imposed by enemy attack, including, where necessary:

(i) Maintenance of an increased inventory of finished components and related production supplies at assembly plants, or arrangements for alternative supply lines where increased inventories are not feasible.

(ii) A capability to carry on urgent production without dependence on additional personnel, external sources of power, fuel, and water, or on long-distance communications; with spare replacements for highly vulnerable or unreliable parts of production equipment.

(iii) Protection of production facilities from enemy sabotage through adequate physical security measures.

(iv) Protection of personnel from widespread radiological fallout through provisions for decontamination and shelter.