44 CFR § 321.5 - Retention of industrial facilities.

§ 321.5 Retention of industrial facilities.

(a) Industrial properties, owned by the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the Maritime Administration, shall be retained in the Industrial reserves (National Industrial Reserve, Departmental Industrial Reserve for the Department of Defense) of the department and agencies to the extent the capacity of said reserves is necessary for the production of defense or defense-supporting end items, materials or components in a mobilization period.

(b) Each idle plant in the reserves shall be reviewed annually by the heads of the respective agencies to determine if the capacity of the plant continues necessary for mobilization purposes.

(c) Upon the determination by the head of the agency that the capacity of a plant is excess to the mobilization requirements of the agency immediate steps will be taken to dispose of the plant through existing government channels for surplus disposal. The Federal Emergency Management Agency shall be informed by General Services Administration of each proposed surplus action prior to final determination.