44 CFR § 350.15 - Appeal procedures.

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§ 350.15 Appeal procedures.

(a) Any interested person may appeal a decision made under §§ 350.12 and 350.13 of this part, by submitting to the Administrator, FEMA, a written notice of appeal, within 30 days after the appearance in the Federal Register, of the notice of decision relating to the matter being appealed. The appeal must be addressed to the Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency, 500 C Street, SW., Washington, DC, 20472. The appeal letter shall state specific reasons for the appeal and include an offer to provide documentation supporting appellate arguments.

(b) Upon receipt of an appeal, the Administrator or the Administrator's designee shall review the file, as submitted to the Deputy Administrator for the National Preparedness Directorate, by the Regional Administrator of the FEMA Region concerned, based on the information contained in the file and the appeal letter, with supporting documentation. The Administrator or the Administrator's designee shall decide whether or not the Associate Director's initial decision was supported by substantial evidence in the file and is consistent with FEMA policy.

(c) The decision of the Administrator or the Administrator's designee shall be published in the Federal Register as the final agency decision on the matter and shall not be reviewable within FEMA, except upon a showing that it was procured by fraud or misrepresentation. In addition to publication in the Federal Register, copies of the decision shall be forwarded to the appellant, the Governor(s) of the State(s) affected, the NRC and the affected licensee of the involved power facility.