44 CFR § 350.14 - Amendments to State plans.

§ 350.14 Amendments to State plans.

(a) The State may amend a plan submitted to FEMA for review and approval under § 350.7 at any time during the review process or may amend a plan at any time after FEMA approval has been granted under § 350.12. A State must amend its plan in order to extend the coverage of the plan to any new nuclear power facility which becomes operational after a FEMA approval or in case of any other significant change. The State plan shall remain in effect as approved while any significant change is under review.

(b) A significant change is one which involves the evaluation and assessment of a planning standard or which involves a matter which, if presented with the plan, would need to have been considered by the Deputy Administrator for the National Preparedness Directorate in making a decision that State or local plans and preparedness are:

(1) Adequate to protect the health and safety of the public living in the vicinity of the nuclear power facility by providing reasonable assurance that appropriate protective measures can be taken offsite in the event of a radiological emergency; and

(2) Capable of being implemented.

(c) A significant change will be processed in the same manner as if it were an initial plan submission. However, the Regional Administrator may determine that certain procedures, such as holding a public meeting or a complete exercise, would be unnecessary. The existing FEMA approval shall remain in effect while any significant changes are under review.

(d) Changes, such as a change in a telephone number, that are not significant as defined in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, but are necessary to maintain currency of the plan, should be forwarded to the Regional Administrator.