44 CFR § 350.7 - Application by State for review and approval.

§ 350.7 Application by State for review and approval.

(a) A State which seeks formal review and approval by FEMA of the State's radiological emergency plan shall submit an application for such review and approval to the FEMA Regional Administrator of the Region in which the State is located. The application, in the form of a letter from the Governor or from such other State official as the Governor may designate, shall contain one copy of the completed State plan, including coverage of response in the ingestion exposure pathway EPZ. The application will also include plans of all appropriate local governments. The application shall specify the site or sites for which plan approval is sought. For guidance on the local government plans that should be included with an application, refer to Part I.E. NUREG–0654/FEMA–REP–1, Rev. 1, entitled Contiguous Jurisdiction Governmental Emergency Planning (see (e)). Only a State may request formal review of State or local radiological emergency plans.

(b) Generally, the plume exposure pathway EPZ for nuclear power facilities shall consist of an area about 10 miles (16 Km) in radius and the ingestion exposure pathway EPZ shall consist of an area about 50 miles (80 Km) in radius. The exact size and configuration of the EPZs surrounding a particular nuclear power facility shall be determined by State and local governments in consultation with FEMA and NRC taking into account such local conditions as demography, topography, land characteristics, access routes and local jurisdiction boundaries. The size of the EPZs may be determined by NRC in consultation with FEMA on a case-by-case basis for gas cooled reactors and for reactors with an authorized power level less than 250 Mw thermal. The plans for the ingestion exposure pathway shall focus on such actions as are appropriate to protect the public from ingesting contaminated food and water.

(c) A State may submit separately its plans for the EPZs and the local government plans related to individual nuclear power facilities. The purpose of separate submissions is to allow approval of a State plan, and of the plans necessary for specific nuclear power facilities in a multiple-facility State, while not approving or acting on the plans necessary for other nuclear power facilities within the State. If separate submissions are made, appropriate adjustments in the State plan may be necessary. In any event, FEMA approval of State plans and appropriate local government plans shall be site specific.

(d) The applications shall contain a statement that the State plan, together with the appropriate local plans, is, in the opinion of the State, adequate to protect the public health and safety of its citizens living within the emergency planning zones for the nuclear power facilities included in the submission by providing reasonable assurance that State and local governments can and intend to effect appropriate protective measures offsite in the event of a radiological emergency.

(e) FEMA and the States will make suitable arrangements in the case of overlapping or adjacent jurisdictions to permit an orderly assessment and approval of interstate or interregional plans.