44 CFR § 77.8 - Grant administration.

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§ 77.8 Grant administration.

(a) General. Recipients must comply with the requirements contained in 2 CFR parts 200 and 3002 and FEMA award requirements, including submission of performance and financial status reports. Recipients must also ensure that sub recipients are aware of and comply with 2 CFR parts 200 and 3002.

(b) Cost overruns.

(1) During the implementation of an approved grant, the recipient may find that actual costs are exceeding the approved award amount. While there is no guarantee of additional funding, FEMA will only consider requests made by the recipient to pay for such overruns if:

(i) Funds are available to meet the requested increase in funding; and

(ii) The amended grant award meets the eligibility requirements, including cost share requirements, identified in this section.

(2) Recipients may use cost underruns from ongoing subawards to offset overruns incurred by another subaward(s) awarded under the same award. All costs for which funding is requested must have been included in the original subapplication's cost estimate. In cases where an underrun is not available to cover an overrun, the Administrator may, with justification from the recipient and subrecipient, use other available FMA funds to cover the cost overrun.

(3) For all cost overruns that exceed the amount approved under the award, and which require additional Federal funds, the recipient must submit a written request with a recommendation, including a justification for the additional funding to the Regional Administrator for a determination. If approved, the Regional Administrator will increase the award through an amendment to the original award document.

(c) Recapture. At the time of closeout, FEMA will recapture any funds provided to a State or a community under this part if the applicant has not provided the appropriate matching funds, the approved project has not been completed within the timeframes specified in the grant agreement, or the completed project does not meet the criteria specified in this part.

(d) Remedies for noncompliance. FEMA may terminate an award or take other remedies for noncompliance in accordance with 2 CFR 200.339 through 200.343.

(e) Reconsideration. FEMA will reconsider determinations of noncompliance, additional award conditions, or its decision to terminate a Federal award. Requests for reconsideration must be made in writing to FEMA within 60 calendar days after receipt of a notice of the action, and in accordance with submission procedures set out in guidance. FEMA will notify the requester of the disposition of the request for reconsideration. If the decision is to grant the request for reconsideration, FEMA will take appropriate implementing action.