45 CFR § 1149.14 - What is contained in a complaint?

§ 1149.14 What is contained in a complaint?

(a) A complaint is a written statement giving you notice of the specific allegations being referred for adjudication and of your right to request a hearing regarding those allegations.

(b) The reviewing official may join in a single complaint, false claims or statements that are unrelated, or that were not submitted simultaneously, so long as each claim made does not exceed the amount provided in 31 U.S.C. 3803(c).

(c) The complaint must state that the NEA seeks to impose civil penalties, assessments, or both, against you and will include:

(1) The allegations of liability against you, including the statutory basis for liability, identification of the claims or statements involved, and the reasons liability allegedly arises from such claims or statements;

(2) The maximum amount of penalties and assessments for which you may be held liable;

(3) A statement that you may request a hearing by filing an answer and may be represented by a representative;

(4) Instructions for filing such an answer; and

(5) A warning that failure to file an answer within 30 days of service of the complaint will result in imposition of the maximum amount of penalties and assessments.

(d) The reviewing official must serve you with any complaint and, if you request a hearing, provide a copy to the ALJ assigned to the case.