45 CFR § 155.230 - General standards for Exchange notices.

§ 155.230 General standards for Exchange notices.

(a) General requirement. Any notice required to be sent by the Exchange to individuals or employers must be written and include:

(1) An explanation of the action reflected in the notice, including the effective date of the action.

(2) Any factual findings relevant to the action.

(3) Citations to, or identification of, the relevant regulations supporting the action.

(4) Contact information for available customer service resources.

(5) An explanation of appeal rights, if applicable.

(b) Accessibility and readability requirements. All applications, forms, and notices, including the single, streamlined application described in § 155.405 and notice of annual redetermination described in § 155.335(c), must conform to the standards outlined in § 155.205(c).

(c) Re-evaluation of appropriateness and usability. The Exchange must re-evaluate the appropriateness and usability of applications, forms, and notices.

(d) Electronic notices.

(1) The individual market Exchange must provide required notices either through standard mail, or if an individual or employer elects, electronically, provided that the requirements for electronic notices in 42 CFR 435.918 are met, except that the individual market Exchange is not required to implement the process specified in 42 CFR 435.918(b)(1) for eligibility determinations for enrollment in a QHP through the Exchange and insurance affordability programs that are effective before January 1, 2015.

(2) Unless otherwise required by Federal or State law, the SHOP must provide required notices electronically or, if an employer or employee elects, through standard mail. If notices are provided electronically, the SHOP must comply with the requirements for electronic notices in 42 CFR 435.918(b)(2) through (5) for the employer or employee.

(3) In the event that an individual market Exchange or SHOP is unable to send select required notices electronically due to technical limitations, it may instead send these notices through standard mail, even if an election has been made to receive such notices electronically.

[77 FR 11718, Feb. 27, 2012, as amended at 78 FR 42314, July 15, 2013; 81 FR 94177, Dec. 22, 2016]

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