45 CFR § 205.36 - State plan requirements.

§ 205.36 State plan requirements.

A State plan under title IV-A of the Social Security Act shall, at the option of the State, provide for the establishment and operation, in accordance with an (initial and annually updated) advance automated data processing planning document approved by SSA, of an automated statewide management information system designed effectively and efficiently, to assist management in the administration of an approved AFDC State plan. The submission process to amend the State plan is explained in § 201.3. This system must be designed:

(a) To automatically control and account for—

(1) All the factors in the total eligibility determination process under the plan for aid, including but not limited to:

(i) Identifiable correlation factors (such as social security numbers, names, dates of birth, home addresses, and mailing addresses (including postal ZIP codes), of all applicants and recipients of AFDC and the relative with whom any child who is an applicant or recipient is living).

(A) To assure sufficient compatibility among the systems of different jurisdictions, and

(B) To permit periodic screening to determine whether an individual is or has been receiving benefits from more than one jurisdiction.

(ii) Checking records of applicants and recipients of such aid on a periodic basis with other agencies, both intra and inter-state, for eligibility determination, verification and payment as required by other provisions of the Social Security Act.

(2) The costs, quality, and delivery of funds and services furnished to applicants for and recipients of such aid.

(b) To notify the appropriate State officials of child support, food stamp, social service, and medical assistance programs approved under title XIX whenever a case/recipient for aid and services becomes ineligible or the amount of aid or services is changed.

(c) To electronically refer and exchange information with programs under titles IV-D and IV-F for purposes of assuring that benefits and services are provided in an integrated manner.

(d) To provide for security against unauthorized access to, or use of, the data in the system.

[51 FR 13006, Apr. 17, 1986, as amended at 57 FR 47002, Oct. 14, 1992]