45 CFR § 225.1 - Definitions.

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§ 225.1 Definitions.

(a) The classification of subprofessional staff as community service aides refers to persons in a variety of positions in the planning, administration, and delivery of health, social, and rehabilitation services in which the duties of the position are composed of tasks that are an integral part of the agency's service responsibilities to people and that can be performed by persons with less than a college education, by high school graduates, or by persons with little or no formal education.

(b) Full-time or part-time employment means that the person is employed by the agency and his position is incorporated into the regular staffing pattern of the agency. He is paid a regular wage or salary in relation to the value of services rendered and time spent on the job.

(c) The term Volunteer describes a person who contributes his personal service to the community through the agency's human services program. He is not a replacement or substitute for paid staff but adds new dimensions to agency services, and symbolizes the community's concern for the agency's clientele.

(d) Partially paid volunteers means volunteers who are compensated for expenses incurred in the giving of services. Such payment does not reflect the value of the services rendered, or the amount of time given to the agency.

[34 FR 1319, Jan. 28, 1969]