45 CFR § 2507.8 - Processing of requests.

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§ 2507.8 Processing of requests.

(a) Authority to grant or deny requests. The FOIA Officer is authorized to grant or deny any requests for records maintained by AmeriCorps. If the request is for records under the control and jurisdiction of the Office of the Inspector General, the FOIA Officer will forward the request to that office's FOIA officer for the initial determination and the reply to the requester.

(b) Providing records. AmeriCorps will provide copies only of records it has in its possession. AmeriCorps is not compelled to create new records to respond to a FOIA request, answer questions posed as FOIA requests, perform research for a requester, compile lists of selected items from its files, or provide a requester with statistical or other data, unless such data has been compiled previously and is available in the form of a record.

(1) AmeriCorps is required to provide only one copy of a record.

(2) AmeriCorps will ordinarily provide the record in electronic form. Requesters may specify the preferred form or format for the records they seek, and AmeriCorps will provide releasable records in that form or format if they are readily reproducible in that way and the format allows for any necessary redactions.

(3) If AmeriCorps cannot make a legible copy of a record to be released, it is not required to reconstruct the record. Instead, AmeriCorps will furnish the best copy possible and note the record's poor quality in its reply.

(c) Records previously released. If AmeriCorps has released a record, or a part of a record, to a requester in the past, it will ordinarily release it to a new requester. However, this principle does not apply if the previous release was unauthorized or if an exemption applies that did not apply earlier. If an exemption is the reason for denial, AmeriCorps will specify the exemption under which information is withheld.

(d) Consultation and referral. When AmeriCorps reviews records in response to a request and determines that another agency of the Federal Government holds an interest in the record, AmeriCorps will proceed in one of the following ways:

(1) Consultation. When responsive records have originated with AmeriCorps but contain within them information of interest to another agency, or other Federal Government office, AmeriCorps consults with that other agency before making a release determination.

(2) Referral.

(i) When a responsive record has originated with a different agency or other Federal Government office that is subject to the FOIA, AmeriCorps refers the responsibility for responding to the request regarding that record, on the presumption that the agency that originated a record will be best able to make the disclosure determination. However, if AmeriCorps and the originating agency jointly agree that AmeriCorps is in the best position to respond regarding the record, then the record may be handled as a consultation.

(ii) Whenever AmeriCorps refers any part of the responsibility for responding to a request to another agency, it will document the referral, maintain a copy of the record that it refers, notify the requester of the referral, and tell the requester the name(s) of the agency to which the record was referred and that agency's FOIA contact information.