45 CFR § 2551.46 - What cost reimbursements are provided to Senior Companions?

§ 2551.46 What cost reimbursements are provided to Senior Companions?

Cost reimbursements and benefits provided by sponsors include:

(a) Stipend. The stipend is paid for the time Senior Companions spend with their assigned clients, for earned leave, and for attendance at official project events.

(b) Insurance. Insurance is made available to Senior Companions with the CNCS specified minimum levels of insurance as follows:

(1) Accident insurance. Accident insurance covers Senior Companions for personal injury during travel between their homes and places of assignment, during their service, during meal periods while serving as a Senior Companion, and while attending project-sponsored activities. Protection shall be provided against claims in excess of any benefits or services for medical care or treatment available to the Senior Companion from other sources.

(2) Personal liability insurance. Protection is provided against claims in excess of protection provided by other insurance. Such protection does not include professional liability coverage.

(3) Excess automobile liability insurance.

(i) For Senior Companions who drive in connection with their service, protection is provided against claims in excess of the greater of either:

(A) Liability insurance Senior Companions carry on their own automobiles; or

(B) The limits of applicable state financial responsibility law, or in its absence, levels of protection that CNCS determines, and that the sponsor must provide, for each person, and each accident, and for property damage.

(ii) Senior Companions who drive their personal vehicles to, or on, assignments or project-related activities, shall maintain personal automobile liability insurance equal to or exceeding the levels established by CNCS.

(c) Transportation. Senior Companions shall receive assistance with the cost of transportation to and from, assignments and official project activities, including orientation, training, and recognition events.

(d) Meals. Senior Companions may be provided assistance with the cost of meals taken while on assignment, within limits of the project's available resources.

(e) Recognition. Senior Companion volunteers shall be provided recognition for their service.

(f) Physical examination. Senior Companions may be provided a physical examination or assistance with the cost of a physical examination prior to assignment and annually thereafter.

(g) Other volunteer expenses. Senior Companions may also be reimbursed for allowable out-of-pocket expenses incurred while performing their assignments.

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