45 CFR § 2553.25 - What are a sponsor's administrative responsibilities?

§ 2553.25 What are a sponsor's administrative responsibilities?

A sponsor shall:

(a) Assume full responsibility for securing maximum and continuing community financial and in-kind support to operate the project successfully.

(b) Provide levels of staffing and resources appropriate to accomplish the purposes of the project and carry out its project management responsibilities.

(c) Employ a full-time project director to accomplish project objectives and manage the functions and activities delegate to project staff for Senior Corps project(s) within its control. The project director may participate in activities to coordinate project resources with those of related local agencies, boards or organizations. A full-time project director shall not serve concurrently in another capacity, paid or unpaid, during established working hours. A sponsor may negotiate the employment of a part-time project director with CNCS when the sponsor can demonstrate that such an arrangement will not adversely affect the size, scope or quality of project operations.

(d) Consider all project staff as sponsor employees subject to its personnel policies and procedures.

(e) Compensate project staff at a level that is comparable to similar staff positions in the sponsor organization and/or project service area, as is practicable.

(f) Establish risk management policies and procedures covering RSVP project activities. This includes provision of appropriate insurance coverage for RSVP volunteers, which includes; accident insurance, personal liability insurance, and excess automobile liability insurance.

(g) Establish record keeping and reporting systems in compliance with CNCS requirements that ensure quality of program and fiscal operations, facilitate timely and accurate submission of required reports and cooperate with CNCS evaluation and data collection efforts.

(h) Comply with, and ensure that all volunteer stations comply with, all applicable civil rights laws and regulations, including non-discrimination based on disability.

(i) Conduct National Service Criminal History Checks in accordance with the requirements in 45 CFR 2540.200 through 2540.207.

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