45 CFR § 261.12 - What is an individual responsibility plan?

§ 261.12 What is an individual responsibility plan?

An individual responsibility plan is a plan developed at State option, in consultation with the individual, on the basis of the assessment made under § 261.11. The plan:

(a) Should set an employment goal and a plan for moving immediately into private-sector employment;

(b) Should describe the obligations of the individual. These could include going to school, maintaining certain grades, keeping school-aged children in school, immunizing children, going to classes, or doing other things that will help the individual become or remain employed in the private sector;

(c) Should be designed to move the individual into whatever private-sector employment he or she is capable of handling as quickly as possible and to increase over time the responsibility and the amount of work the individual handles;

(d) Should describe the services the State will provide the individual to enable the individual to obtain and keep private sector employment, including job counseling services; and

(e) May require the individual to undergo appropriate substance abuse treatment.