45 CFR § 302.54 - Notice of collection of assigned support.

§ 302.54 Notice of collection of assigned support.

(a) Effective January 1, 1993, the State plan shall provide that the State has in effect procedures for issuing notices of collections as follows:

(1) The IV-D agency must provide a monthly notice of the amount of support payments collected for each month to individuals who have assigned rights to support under section 408(a)(3) of the Act, unless no collection is made in the month, the assignment is no longer in effect and there are no longer any assigned arrearages, or the conditions in paragraph (b) of this section are met.

(2) The monthly notice must list separately payments collected from each noncustodial parent when more than one noncustodial parent owes support to the family and must indicate the amount of current support collected, the amount of arrearages collected and the amount of support collected which was paid to the family.


(1) The Office may grant a waiver to permit a State to provide quarterly, rather than monthly, notices, if the State:

(i) Until September 30, 1997, does not have an automated system that performs child support enforcement activities consistent with § 302.85 or has an automated system that is unable to generate monthly notices; or

(ii) Uses a toll-free automated voice response system which provides the information required under paragraph (a) of this section.

(2) A quarterly notice must be provided in accordance with conditions set forth in paragraph (a)(1) of this section and such notice must contain the information set forth in paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

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