45 CFR § 75.210 - Information contained in a Federal award.

§ 75.210 Information contained in a Federal award.

A Federal award must include the following information:

(a) General Federal award information. The HHS awarding agency must include the following general Federal award information in each Federal award:

(1) Recipient name (which must match the name associated with its unique entity identifier as defined in 2 CFR 25.315);

(2) Recipient's unique entity identifier;

(3) Unique Federal Award Identification Number (FAIN);

(4) Federal Award Date (see § 75.2 Federal award date);

(5) Period of Performance Start and End Date;

(6) Amount of Federal Funds Obligated by this action,

(7) Total Amount of Federal Funds Obligated;

(8) Total Amount of the Federal Award;

(9) Budget Approved by the HHS Awarding Agency;

(10) Total Approved Cost Sharing or Matching, where applicable;

(11) Federal award project description (to comply with statutory requirements (e.g., FFATA));

(12) Name of HHS awarding agency and contact information for awarding official,

(13) CFDA Number and Program Name;

(14) Identification of whether the award is R&D; and

(15) Indirect cost rate for the Federal award (including if the de minimis rate is charged per § 75.414).

(b) General terms and conditions.

(1) HHS awarding agencies must incorporate the following general terms and conditions either in the Federal award or by reference, as applicable:

(i) Administrative requirements implemented by the HHS awarding agency as specified in this part.

(ii) National policy requirements. These include statutory, executive order, other Presidential directive, or regulatory requirements that apply by specific reference and are not program-specific. See § 75.300.

(iii) Recipient integrity and performance matters. If the total Federal share of the Federal award may include more than $500,000 over the period of performance, the HHS awarding agency must include the term and condition available in appendix XII. See also § 75.113.

(2) The Federal award must include wording to incorporate, by reference, the applicable set of general terms and conditions, The reference must be to the Web site at which the HHS awarding agency maintains the general terms and conditions.

(3) If a non-Federal entity requests a copy of the full text of the general terms and conditions, the HHS awarding agency must provide it.

(4) Wherever the general terms and conditions are publicly available, the HHS awarding agency must maintain an archive of previous versions of the general terms and conditions, with effective dates, for use by the non-Federal entity, auditors, or others.

(c) HHS awarding agency, program, or Federal award specific terms and conditions. The HHS awarding agency may include with each Federal award any terms and conditions necessary to communicate requirements that are in addition to the requirements outlined in the HHS awarding agency's general terms and conditions. Whenever practicable, these specific terms and conditions also should be shared on a public Web site and in notices of funding opportunities (as outlined in § 75.203) in addition to being included in a Federal award. See also § 75.206.

(d) Federal award performance goals. The HHS awarding agency must include in the Federal award an indication of the timing and scope of expected performance by the non-Federal entity as related to the outcomes intended to be achieved by the program. In some instances (e.g., discretionary research awards), this may be limited to the requirement to submit technical performance reports (to be evaluated in accordance with HHS awarding agency policy). Where appropriate, the Federal award may include specific performance goals, indicators, milestones, or expected outcomes (such as outputs, or services performed or public impacts of any of these) with an expected timeline for accomplishment. Reporting requirements must be clearly articulated such that, where appropriate, performance during the execution of the Federal award has a standard against which non-Federal entity performance can be measured. The HHS awarding agency may include program-specific requirements, as applicable. These requirements should be aligned with agency strategic goals, strategic objectives or performance goals that are relevant to the program. See also OMB Circular A-11 Preparation, Submission and Execution of the Budget, Part 6 for definitions of strategic objectives and performance goals.

(e) Any other information required by the HHS awarding agency.

[79 FR 75889, Dec. 19, 2014, as amended at 81 FR 3015, Jan. 20, 2016]