45 CFR Appendix A_to_part_650 - Optional Format for Confirmatory License

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Appendix A to Part 650 - Optional Format for Confirmatory License

The following format may be used for the confirmatory license to the Government required by subparagraph (f)(5) of the Patent Rights clause in ยง 650.4(a). Any equivalent instrument may also be used.

License to the United States Government

This instrument confirms to the United States Government, as represented by the National Science Foundation, an irrevocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable, royalty-free license to practice or have practiced on its behalf throughout the world the following subject invention:

(invention title)
(inventor[s] name[s])
(patent application number and filing date)
(country, if other than United States)
(NSF Disclosure No.).

This subject invention was made with NSF support through:

(grant or contract number)
(grantee or contractor).

Principal rights to this subject invention have been left with the licensor.


Accepted on behalf of the Government:

NSF Patent Assistant