46 CFR § 10.219 - Fees.

§ 10.219 Fees.

(a) Use table 1 to § 10.219(a) to calculate the mandatory fees for MMCs and associated endorsements.

Table 1 to § 10.219(a)—Fees

If you apply for And you need
Evaluation then the fee is . . . Examination then the fee is . . . Issuance then the fee is . . .
MMC with officer endorsement:
Upper level 1 $100 $110 $45
Lower level 2 100 95 45
Renewal 50 45 45
Raise of grade 100 45 45
Modification or removal of limitation or scope 50 45 45
Radio officer endorsement:
Original 50 45 45
Renewal 50 n/a 45
Staff officer endorsements:
Original 90 n/a 45
Renewal 50 n/a 45
MMC with rating endorsement:
Original endorsement for ratings other than qualified ratings 95 n/a 45
Original endorsement for qualified rating 95 140 45
Upgrade or raise of Grade 95 140 45
Renewal endorsement for ratings other than qualified ratings 50 n/a 45
Renewal endorsement for qualified rating 50 45 45
Modification or removal of limitation or scope 50 45 45
STCW endorsement:
Original ( 4) ( 4) ( 4)
Renewal ( 4) ( 4) ( 4)
Reissue, replacement, and duplicate n/a n/a 3 45

1 Upper level means credentials authorizing service on vessels of any gross tons/unlimited tonnage or unlimited propulsion power.

2 Lower level means credentials authorizing service on vessels of less than 1,600 GRT/3,000 GT.

3 Duplicate for MMC lost as result of marine casualty—No Fee.

4 No Fee.

(b) Fee payment procedures. Applicants may pay—

(1) All fees required by this section at the time the application is submitted; or

(2) A fee for each phase as follows:

(i) An evaluation fee when the application is submitted.

(ii) An examination fee before the first examination section is taken.

(iii) An issuance fee before issuance of the MMC.

(c) If the examination is administered at a place other than a Regional Examination Center (REC), the examination fee must be paid to the REC at least one week before the scheduled examination date.

(d) Unless the Coast Guard provides additional payment options, fees must be paid as follows:

(1) Fee payments must be for the exact amount.

(2) Fee payments may be made by electronic payment in a manner specified by the Coast Guard. For information regarding current forms of electronic payment, go to the National Maritime Center's (NMC) Web site, www.uscg.mil/nmc. To assist with the automation of mariner credential applications, applicants are encouraged to pay the fees electronically.

(3) Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card.

(4) Payments submitted by mail may not be made in cash. Mailed payments should specify the type of credential sought and the type of fee (e.g., evaluation, examination, issuance) being paid. The address for sending payment by mail can be found at the NMC Web site, www.uscg.mil/nmc.

(5) Checks or money orders must be made payable to the U.S. Coast Guard, and the full legal name and last four digits of applicant's social security number must appear on the front of each check or money order.

(e) Unless otherwise specified in this part, when two or more endorsements are processed on the same application the fees will be as follows:

(1) Evaluation fees. If an applicant simultaneously applies for a rating endorsement and a deck or engineer officer's endorsement, only the evaluation fee for the officer's endorsement will be charged. If an applicant simultaneously applies for a staff officer or radio officer endorsement along with the deck or engineer officer endorsement, only the evaluation fee for the deck or engineer officer's endorsement will be charged. No evaluation fee is charged for an STCW endorsement.

(2) Examination fees. One examination fee will be charged for each exam or series of exams for an original, raise of grade, or renewal of an endorsement on an MMC taken within 1 year from the date of the application approval. An examination fee will also be charged to process an open-book exercise used to renew an MMC. If an officer endorsement examination under part 11 of this chapter also fulfills the examination requirements in part 12 of this chapter for rating endorsements, only the fee for the officer endorsement examination is charged.

(3) Issuance fees. Only one issuance fee will be charged for each MMC issued, regardless of the number of endorsements placed on the credential. There is no fee for a Document of Continuity.

(f) The Coast Guard may assess additional charges to anyone to recover collection and enforcement costs associated with delinquent payments or failure to pay a fee. The Coast Guard will not provide credentialing services to a mariner who owes money for credentialing services previously provided.

(g) Anyone who fails to pay a fee or charge established under this section is liable to the United States Government for a civil penalty of not more than $6,500 for each violation.

(h) No-fee MMC for certain applicants. For the purpose of this section, a no-fee MMC applicant is a person who is a volunteer or a part- or full-time employee of an organization that is—

(1) Charitable in nature;

(2) Not for profit; and

(3) Youth oriented.

(i) Determination of eligibility.

(1) An organization may submit a written request to U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center, 100 Forbes Drive, Martinsburg, WV 25404, in order to be considered an eligible organization under the criteria set forth in paragraph (h) of this section. With the written request, the organization must provide evidence of its status as a youth-oriented, not-for-profit, charitable organization.

(2) The following organizations are accepted by the Coast Guard as meeting the requirements of paragraph (h) of this section and need not submit evidence of their status: Boy Scouts of America, Sea Explorer Association, Girl Scouts of the United States of America, and Young Men's Christian Association of the United States of America.

(j) A letter from an organization determined eligible under paragraph (h) of this section must also accompany the person's MMC application to the Coast Guard. The letter must state that the purpose of the person's application is solely to further the conduct of the organization's maritime activities. The applicant will then be eligible under this section to obtain a no-fee MMC if other requirements for the MMC are met.

(k) An MMC issued to a person under paragraph (h) of this section will be endorsed restricting its use to vessels owned or operated by the sponsoring organization.

(l) The holder of a no-fee MMC issued under paragraph (h) of this section may have the restriction removed by paying the appropriate evaluation, examination, and issuance fees that would have otherwise applied.

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