46 CFR § 111.75-15 - Lighting requirements.

§ 111.75-15 Lighting requirements.

(a) Lights in passageways, public spaces, and berthing compartments. The supply to lights in each passageway, public space, or berthing compartment accommodating more than 25 persons must be divided between two or more branch circuits, one of which may be an emergency branch circuit.

(b) Lights in machinery spaces. Alternate groups of lights in an engineroom, boilerroom, or auxiliary machinery space must be arranged so that the failure of one branch circuit does not leave an area without light.

(c) Illumination of passenger and crew spaces.

(1) Each space used by passengers or crew must be fitted with lighting that provides for a safe habitable and working environment under normal conditions.

(2) Sufficient illumination must be provided by the emergency lighting source under emergency conditions to effect damage control procedures and to provide for safe egress from each space.

(d) Berth lights. Each crew berth must have a fixed berth light that is not wired with a flexible cord. The berth light must have minimum horizontal projection so that the light may not be covered with bedding.

(e) Exit lights. Each exit light required on passenger vessels under § 112.15–1 of this subchapter must have the word “Exit” in red block letters at least 2 inches (50 mm) high.

(f) Pilot ladders. There must be a means for lighting each station from which a pilot may be deployed.

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