46 CFR § 111.75-5 - Lighting branch circuits.

§ 111.75-5 Lighting branch circuits.

(a) Loads. A lighting distribution panel must not supply branch circuits rated at over 30 amperes.

(b) Connected load. The connected loads on a lighting branch circuit must not be more than 80 percent of the rating of the overcurrent protective device, computed on the basis of the fixture ratings and in accordance with Section 9.4.2 of IEEE 45.1–2017 (incorporated by reference; see § 110.10–1 of this subchapter).

(c) Lighting fixtures on lighting circuits. Each lighting fixture must be on a lighting branch circuit.

(d) Overcurrent protection. Each lighting branch circuit must be protected by an overcurrent device rated at 20 amperes or less, except as allowed under paragraph (e) of this section.

(e) 25 or 30 ampere lighting branch circuits. Lighting branch circuits rated at 25 and 30 amperes supplying only fixed nonswitched lighting fixtures for cargo hold or deck lighting having only lampholders of the mogul type, or other lampholding devices required for lamps of more than 300 watts, may be supplied by a 30 ampere branch circuit wired with at least No. 10 AWG (5.3 mm 2) conductors if each fixture wire used in wiring each lighting fixture is No. 12 AWG (3.3 mm 2) or larger.

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