46 CFR § 115.630 - The Alternative Hull Examination (AHE) Program application.

§ 115.630 The Alternative Hull Examination (AHE) Program application.

If your vessel meets the eligibility criteria in § 115.625 of this part, you may apply to the AHE Program. You must submit an application at least 90 days before the requested hull examination date to the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) who will oversee the survey. The application must include -

(a) The proposed time and place for conducting the hull examination;

(b) The name of the participating diving contractor and underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) company which must be accepted by the OCMI under § 115.650;

(c) The name and qualifications of the third party examiner. This person must be familiar with the inspection procedures and his or her responsibilities under this program. The OCMI has the discretionary authority to accept or deny use of a particular third party examiner using the criteria established in 46 CFR 114.400;

(d) A signed statement from your vessel's master, chief engineer, or the person in charge describing the vessel's overall condition, level of maintenance, known or suspected damage, underwater body cleanliness (if known), and the anticipated draft of the vessel at the time of the examination;

(e) Plans or drawings that illustrate the external details of the hull below the sheer strake;

(f) A detailed plan for conducting the hull examination in accordance with §§ 115.645 and 115.650 of this part, which must address all safety concerns related to the removal of sea valves during the inspection; and

(g) A preventative maintenance plan for your vessel's hull, its related systems and equipment.

[USCG-2000-6858, 67 FR 21080, Apr. 29, 2002, as amended by USCG-2000-6858, 69 FR 47383, Aug. 5, 2004]

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