46 CFR § 115.806 - Electrical.

§ 115.806 Electrical.

At each initial and subsequent inspection for certification of a vessel, the owner or managing operator shall be prepared to conduct tests and have the vessel ready for inspection of electrical equipment and systems, including the following:

(a) Inspection of all cable as far as practicable without undue disturbance of the cable or electrical apparatus;

(b) Test of circuit breakers by manual operation;

(c) Inspection of fuses including ensuring the ratings of fuses are suitable for the service intended;

(d) Inspection of rotating electrical machinery essential to the routine operation of the vessel;

(e) Inspection of all generators, motors, lighting fixtures and circuit interrupting devices located in spaces or areas that may contain flammable vapors;

(f) Inspection of batteries for condition and security of stowage;

(g) Operational test of electrical apparatus, which operates as part of or in conjunction with a fire detection or alarm system installed on board the vessel, by simulating, as closely as practicable, the actual operation in case of fire; and

(h) Operational test of all emergency electrical systems.

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