46 CFR § 2.01-5 - Certificate of inspection.

§ 2.01-5 Certificate of inspection.

(a) Issuance of certificates. Upon completion of the inspection of a United States vessel, and on condition that the vessel and its equipment are approved by the inspector, a certificate of one or more of the following Coast Guard forms is issued by the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection:

(1) CG-841 - Certificate of Inspection.

(2) CG-854 - Temporary Certificate of Inspection.

(b) Description of certificates. The certificates of inspection issued to United States vessels describe the vessel, the route the vessel may travel, the minimum manning requirements, the safety equipment and appliances required to be on board, the total number of persons that may be carried, and the names of the owners and operators. The period of validity is stated on the certificate. The certificate may be renewed by applying for inspection under § 2.01-1.

(c) Amending certificates. When, because of a change in the character of the vessel or vessel's route, equipment, etc., the vessel does not comply with the requirements of the Certificate of Inspection previously issued, an amended certificate may be issued at the discretion of the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, to whom a request is made.

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