46 CFR § 249.6 - Application procedures.

§ 249.6 Application procedures.

(a) MARAD may grant specific approval for underwriters described in § 249.5(c) to participate in the writing of marine hull insurance on MARAD program vessels, only in advance of any actual placement.

(b) Only those foreign underwriters who have obtained a high rating (A or comparable) from an accepted international rating service may apply, and if approved, such approval will be contingent upon continued maintenance of such rating. MARAD will make available to interested parties the names of any accepted international rating service.

(c) To seek approval, an applicant shall submit to MARAD:

(1) Certified financial data for the five previous years in sufficient detail to enable MARAD to assess the financial strength and solvency of the applicant. Normally, this would be the same data which the underwriter must submit to the regulatory agency in its country of domicile. However, MARAD may request additional data if the applicant's submissions are considered inadequate;

(2) A comprehensive description and English language version of the insurance regulatory regime that is in place in the insurer's country of domicile. (After review, MARAD may contact the foreign national regulatory authorities, as appropriate);

(3) An affidavit in writing, executed by an agent of the applicant who is a domiciliary of the United States, and supported by appropriate documentation, to demonstrate that there is nothing in either law or practice to preclude a U.S. insurer from obtaining the same access to the applicant's home market as the applicant is seeking to the U.S. market, and

(4) The details of its reinsurance program, if it wishes to write any risks in excess of five percent of its policyholders' surplus. These details shall be accompanied by a statement that clearly demonstrates the special circumstances and good cause by which MARAD should be persuaded to modify its general policy on limitation of risk described in § 249.8.