46 CFR § 249.7 - Approval.

§ 249.7 Approval.

(a) Approval of the applicant will be based upon an assessment of the applicant's financial condition and solvency, its rating by an accepted international rating service, suitability of the regulatory regime under which the applicant must operate in its home country, and on the principle of reciprocal non-discrimination. MARAD will not approve access to the U.S. hull insurance market, if U.S. insurers are denied similar access to the hull insurance market in the applicant's home country.

(b) MARAD will publish in the Federal Register each Notice of Application received from foreign underwriters described in § 249.5(c), affording interested persons an opportunity to bring to MARAD's attention any discriminatory laws or practices relating to the placement of marine hull insurance which might exist in the applicant's country of domicile.

(c) In granting approval, MARAD will consider all materials available to it, and may impose reasonable terms and conditions upon any such approvals granted.

(d) Upon approval, applicant will be required to establish and maintain for the benefit of its U.S. policyholders a U.S. trust fund in the amount of at least $1.5 million, such amount to be reviewed periodically (but not more frequently than annually), and adjusted as appropriate. This requirement may be satisfied by means of an appropriate irrevocable letter of credit.

(e) All policies, at the time of issuance, shall contain the latest American Institute of Marine Underwriters' forms, or equivalent, as approved by MARAD.

(f) All policies issued by foreign underwriters shall include New York Suable Clause or Service of Suit (USA) Clause.


(1) To maintain approval, foreign underwriters, other than those specified in § 249.5(b), shall, in addition to retaining the high rating from an accepted international rating service, file annual financial statements in the same level of detail as required for original approval. Such statements shall be due within 120 days after the close of the underwriter's annual accounting period.

(2) In addition, a new affidavit concerning the lack of discriminatory laws or practices related to hull insurance in the underwriter's home market, as described in § 249.6(c)(3), shall be filed annually at the same time as the financial statements.

(h) Since there is no annual reapproval required, foreign underwriters which are approved shall agree to submit additional information, as requested by MARAD, if it has reason to believe there has been a change in the underwriter's financial status or business practices which could affect the quality of its security. Failure to provide such information on a timely basis could result in immediate withdrawal of the authorization to write hull insurance on MARAD program vessels.